Server Upgrades To New MAX servers in 2023

2023 will be a busy year for team ReliaStream. We are always proud of the servers we build and those servers are rock solid for many years. Many of our servers remain active beyond our 6, 7, and 10+ year limits but we still replace them with brand new servers. We do not wait for some catastrophic event to occur and then say "oh we should of did ... Read More »

20th Oct 2022
56 & 80 Kbps Plans Discontinued

The ReliaStream team is in the process of cleaning things up around here. We have very few members using 56 kbps and 80 kbps radio servers (less then 15 members out of thousands). The few members that had 56 or 80 kbps have been upgraded to the next plan at no extra cost to them. If you had a 56 kbps radio plan you now have a 64 kbps radio plan. ... Read More »

19th Oct 2022