Media CP Upgraded to Version 2.13.4. Release Notes

  • Monday, 10th July, 2023
  • 06:59am

The Media CP team has been listening to your requests and suggestions. The latest update has some of the features you have been wanting. Our Media CP server is now running the latest version. Some of the updates are audio related and some or video related.


2.13.3 & 2.13.4 Release notes



Audio Player Autoplay option in Public Page Config

Crossfade Threshold to prevent short files from using crossfade

Post-installation Thank you page with links to documentation and resources

System Config option for Stream Proxy default on all audio services

Flussonic 23.06 Compatibility



Icecast services now display username and mount point on How to Connect

System Config option for Stream Proxy default on all audio services

Admin Username & Password added to Widgets & Links for Audio services

Added Overview link to the media service listing page in the dropdown

Video Service Overview to display Bandwidth & Transfer in GB

Increased timeouts on Playback Report Download

Block Nginx-Rtmp TV Channels on CentOS 7 due to liquidsoap incompatibility

Reduced queue check interval and allow async execution for better performance


Bug Fixes

MCP-1458 Resellers are unable to assign “Custom RTMP” option for stream targets

MCP-2196 SSL warning is incorrectly displayed when Icecast SSL is disabled and secure proxy is enabled

MCP-2261 Automatically restart Shoutcast 2.6.1 service to update ssl certificates

MCP-2345 UI error when ‘logged as customer’ for both customers and resellers

MCP-2416 Setting Playlist Weights to a number higher than 10 is not successful

MCP-2418 User account files are not deleted through RPC API (WHMCS)

MCP-2419 User limits for Flussonic services are not working correctly

MCP-2420 Output from system commands is incorrectly displayed to front end

MCP-2423 Title updates in Shoutcast 2 server not displayed when empty artist meta field on tracks

MCP-2427 NginxRtmp TV Channels are not automatically restarted if failed or system is restarted

MCP-2429 NginxRtmp error log is growing due to PHP warnings regarding DISABLE_CACHING

MCP-2430 DJ is not being displayed when connected to liquidsoap

MCP-2432 Old Track history is not being deleted appropriately leading to performance degredation

MCP-2433 All listener IP addresses being added into SHOUTcast reserve file incorrectly

MCP-2435 Running autossl command should first remove the /certs/DOMAIN.crt before creating a symlink

MCP-2437 Removing port from panel url returns invalid url error

MCP-2438 Translations missing

MCP-2440 Shoutcast + GEOlocking Miniplayer and public link not using proxy link. User is not being authenticated

MCP-2442 Moving audio files or folders into other folders in the media manager is not working

MCP-2443 New OS’s only mapping localhost to ipv6

MCP-2448 Turning off and on liquidsoap autodj gets stuck and has to be killed

MCP-2454 Non-audio files that make there way into a playlist causes AutoDJ to stall and play silence

MCP-2458 Changing Mountpoint AAC Encoding is not possible

MCP-2460 Audio gap between short files played by AutoDJ

MCP-2471 Disabling Album Cover lookup service still resolves covers remotely, and improved Similar Track Cover Lookup which will overall improve the accuracy of track covers

MCP-2468 Password displayed in How to connect for Icecast services with AutoDJ enabled is providing invalid user/password

MCP-2466 Navigating to reseller does not show their media services

MCP-2465 Bitrate Overage % before Action not functioning for Nginx

MCP-2463 Moving or renaming files through FTP not updating database

MCP-2370 Preview button not working from ‘media’ tab in service overview.

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