Get A Secure Radio Station Link Today

Issues with Google Chrome or other web browsers not playing your http radio stream? Get a secure stream and solve that issue today!

SSL Secure Stream Link

Secure Your Radio Station - ReliaStream can provide you with an HTTPS address that you can use wherever you need to and link it to your existing streaming server. No need to change providers, just use the Secure Streams HTTPS address we will provide you with and it will link straight through to your existing stream.

Port 443 Secure Link

Radio Stations were looking for ways of broadcasting over port 80, this allowed them to bypass firewalls and other filtering so that more listeners could access their stations. This was typically because live audio streams were over non-standard ports, typically in the port 8000 range. Port 443 can bypass corporate firewalls.
Port 443 streaming links are also secure! Now, as more and more browsers are penalizing non secure sites, we’re now happy to offer port 443 streaming to users not only for our own streaming servers, but also for ANY existing streaming servers.
Port 443 streams mean that your audio stream will be future-proof and available to a larger number of networks and browsers that are penalizing non-SSL sites.